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SYAUKI knows daddy from his left photo-an old, blur and fragile one, the last his family have. The photo does not tell much about him. It just shows a mature man sitting on a seemed old branch. Holding his hand. Stared right straight. Watching the camera as if it was a portal that will deliver his unwritten message to those who live in future. Syauki is not impressed.

Syauki does not miss him since he doesn’t know what sort of thing he can miss about him. But yesterday, he got this news, his long gone daddy is coming back. Today. Syauki knows he doesn’t have one or two things to talk to him, he doesn’t have any memory with that biologically his family, but still, he feels somekind of excitement.

Syauki waits at veranda with all his siblings and his deaf mother. Amazed. Drowned in silence watching a big long white car coming approaches his house. On its side, it’s written AMBULANCE.


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