TASTE the waves, hug their smiles and address those fish. What do you ask me yesterday? My last name? I’ve forgotten all my past just to have your water inside my lung. Maybe I’m lost, or losing everything too young, but I don’t know if you’d rather be alone or die with all birds under the sea.

For the wind does read every lines, writes every proses, draw every faces, and you are too weak to keep me inside your transparant skin. Is it tomorrow or everytime you recall my name? Or i think you spell my birthday silently in the open air? Or you the one who named of Ocean just when all cows and lions fall asleep under the shelter of angel of death?

I no more recognize you blinking. I thought it was a red bolt striking me. So then I pray to God to keep me alive while drowning beneath the green ocean. Under the stare of your eyes. Under mistery my your misery trust.


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