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matahari yang hilang...

A broken evening after eclipse.
The wind froze by its silent smile.
Leaves were widow now.
Apart with those heartless branches.
So where was the hoot of tomorrow?
It once came rides the rage tides.
Was the hoot sink in the belly of mountain?
Digested and torn apart like a fragile dust?
Alas, time melted between fingers.
Fears arouse and slip away among bones.
How will sun rise again?
The sea was gone and the sky was stolen.
How will the wind blow on our faces again?
Its road was dumped and blocked.
And a pirate hijacked tomorrow from its bed.

rangkaian proses gerhana matahari

apa yang kau rasakan?


2 Responses

  1. wow, its a melancholy and blue poem. i never know ure a poetry too, Arul. well composition mate.

  2. puisi yang hebat. mski mnt bntuan google translate. hehehe

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