The thing we live between asleep and awake

Its close to midnight, several minutes again. Less people are talking. Quietness falls thicker and thicker. Like mist, blinding our eyes. Deafening our ears. Whispering desperate and lonesome. As if we’re standing alone on the middle of a dead sea.

Tonight, we have no one to talk to. But the stars don’t care. Tonight, we have no paper to write on and no clouds offer to themselves replace. Tonight, we have no words to shout and the wind just shuts its breathe up.

Don’t you feel lonely?

Don’t you feel lonely? Standing between asleep and awake? And waves wash only your fingers, meanwhile, your footprints are burnt. Just don’t get lost. Cause I’m lonely too. I’m lost now. Floating between asleep and awake.

Am I still lonely?


One thought on “The thing we live between asleep and awake

  1. mze still lonely?

    Because the loneliness, the night wind to cheer … 🙂

    GOD, owner f breath, whch YOU create evry wht is the science for othrs, thnks for teachng me how beautiful quiet. . .
    quiet is when i just talk to each othr n GOD tht evn wthout the words…

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