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Bawean bestowed by The Great Lord with many awesome seas. You’re not only served with the wide and huge ocean, but also with long and clean and smooth beaches. Pantai Labbhuan (Labbhuan Beach) is one of them.

Labbhuan is beautiful with its long and white sandy beach. It lies for more than 5oo meters long. At the edge of it, grow coconut trees and many other nameless trees. There are also canoes belong to the local fishermen. They’re Kumalasan fisherman.

If you like to swim, you can come there. It’s a best one to swim. There are no corals and poisonous animal sea. You can swim safely there. What about shark? Aha, you will just meet those guy if you decide to swim miles away from the shore in tens depth.

On some point, I think Labbhuan is a heavenly beach which fallen to the earth. But according to some fishermen statement, there are sea crocodiles there. Well, whatever the fisherman said, I’ve been tenth times swimming there but I’m still alive and never see any kind of crocodile. I’m still blogging dude! C’mon come!


One Response

  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😀

    great! incredible!

    i want to go there! I’d love it ^_^

    kapan ya!!

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