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the golden awaits, arul chandranaToday before tomorrow, I arrange all for my departure. Its such a lonely space to come to. And every usual things now seem so precious and worthy. This is it now, the hour has to come.

I never plan to leave this soon, or may be not this quiet, I of course miss of farewell party. But realizing what is on going here in my place, I can’t even just to think of it. Its one of the darkest days in our history.

I just take a breath. Another deep and long and tired and hopeless. The ships wrecked in the sea and there I’m about to be. A bitter smile to put on our face, isn’t it?

People voices run through my windows, crawling on my door and shut the door of my cupboard as I lock it now. And I unlock it again, just when I keep beating my sorrow, against my tears which hardly to bear. I wish I can sigh now.

My suitcase still opens, he knows there’s one left, and waiting for me to fill it in. but I need to decide, whether I should to or not to. It’s a big decision I have to make. So then I check one more time. I take my clothes, there, right down under the clothes, laid my golden revolver. One which has been used by my ancestors to kill themselves, to suicide.


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  1. emankx mw kemana mas??
    *sok tw* :p

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