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My Madman Story

Near to my house there lives a madman. He is still young, he’s about twenty five years old. He is actually the son of my far neighbor. People said that he got mad because when he was a kid he was very naughty. He always makes his parents sad and upset. Ups, I forget to tell you his name, well, his name is Komari.

One day, he came to my house, fortunately all the doors were closed. I watched him behind my window. Komari was standing still right in front of my house. He was talking to him self. He was laughing, smiling, sometime jumping. But suddenly, he cried loudly. I didn’t know what had happened, he just suddenly cried.

I watched him, I wonder what would happen next. Then, komary walked away from his place. He went west. But, suddenly he stopped. And he turned back, then he run again. He run very quickly, to my house!

I was very afraid. I’m afraid Komari would break my door or window. I was trembling there behind my window. I prayed to God, I beg Him to save me. And, do you know what happen then? Komari slept on my veranda.


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