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aha! ini dia semangat dan pikiran positif

But, this very moment, when I was caught in calamities—broken glasses, losing mobile phone, and having trouble with my PC, my dearest friend, Kyampret July, he told me these very wise words: it is to test you whether you can fight against this unhappy day. It is a test whether you can control your hatred feeling. Let’s back to nocturne: write traditionally on an ugly book (not PC), communicate primitively (not through mobile phone), and see the world nakedly (without glasses). Hahahahaha.
lihat gambar apa di bawah ini


3 Responses

  1. Wahahaha.. you really post it here

  2. Y Allah mz,, sbar yah…

    semw aqan ad penggantinya cepat ato lambat…
    seorang putri mybe


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