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my first day teaching at Diniyah MIM 16 Jompong

Thursday, December 17, 2009. That was my first day teaching at Diniyah MIM 18 Jompong. I was asked by one of the teacher there who was my former boss. The day when he told me about teaching there was very energetic, and full of enthusiasm cause for me, teaching is rather a hobby than a work. And most of all, I want my teaching there become my way to serve my God.

That first day teaching was very enthusiastic and full of activities. I am happy for those kids respond my teaching in their active and cooperative children style. I can manage it and make some fun with them. We easily get close to one another and feel comfort for each attitudes. That was my very amazing experience of first day teaching, in fact.

I always believe that I can console people around me and so does to the kids. So far, I can handle all programs I conduct—whether it is at campus or outside campus. People say that I can make fun of situation. And that’s what I use in my teachings. I simply not only trying to teach them, no I did not, I don’t want my students feel bore in my first five minutes standing in front of them. So I do not only teach them but also entertain them. That’s my way in gaining attention and concentration of my audience. Also my students in this case.

So, the two hours and thirty minutes teaching time given to me went on swiftly. I just don’t realize that my teaching time is over. I guess my students too. I saw their enthusiasm in the shine of their funny eyes—the kind of eyes belongs to all kids around the world. They do not only listen to my explanations, but they really enjoy my presence—the fact that I replace the position of their previous teacher. And you know what they said? They said, “Mr. Catur, do you teach us again tomorrow? Do you teach everyday?” and when I reply, “no, I don’t kids. I teach only on Thursday.” I saw a blaze of disappointment spark in their—still funny—eyes.

Not only my students, pupils from other classes—upper levels—the were asking the same questions. Even they asked whether I teach them or not. Huff, unfortunately, I don’t kids. Well, that’s what I did, I am happy with all chances delivered to me by Allah SWT. He always gives me way to be better and make this life meaningful. Thank You God, thank You God. Help me always, help me anytime I need Your very help. And protect me everyday.

So everyone, lets do your meaningful actions. Make this short life meaningful!


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