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war, destructionWho poisons our blood? It runs throughout our head and run down below our lung, heart and control us to ruin. Who poisons our mind? It makes us see unclearly; sins seem fine, evil seems alright, betraying seems just acceptable, everything confusing. Who poisons our life? Then we prefer to leave everything we had in mess and mess another life we bestowed. Who poisons our memory? That we can easily forget all goodness we received from men and this single life? Who? Who?

We can never imagine, we can never believe, we can never understand, how can man do this all violence? What teaches us that killing is a must? What washes our brain so that we think colonizing others are interesting? What? What? What fools our humanity?

Let’s think, let’s think, and let’s understand. It is a very short life, it is a very short time, don’t waste it, don’t let it gone like we never live before. Do something to heal this old and sick world. Help people around us, help others live next door to us. Don’t close your eyes. Don’t, don’t, don’t ever blind your heart and love. You can make this life and world so much healthier if you just want to. If you just want to do good things. Do it right now.


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