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every moments we left, last forever

Let the dandelion flies around us. Its how life should be. This is more than what we can imagine, in fact. Life comes and goes, nobody knows when it will be off. Children are playing with them selves and barely not realize the waves hammering behind their lives. They don’t count on every second they spent, they don’t think of every breath they inhale, they don’t realize on every moment they step, are every stages to the end.

We have gone this far, we’ve through these so many obstacles, and we’re not kids anymore, we’re just simply teens with so many dreams within. We are the embryo of this world future. by this point, we should understand the importance of our existence.

I still have and keep a flock of memories of my childhood. I remember I used to “mandi” at a natural pool at the border of my village, I used to collect woods from the jungle with my family or my friends, I used to—almost everyday—play hide and seek with my neighbor kids. We’re so alive. We’re so healthy. We’re so strong. We’re so free. And above of all, we’re so satisfied enjoying the life we bestowed.

Sometime I miss those all sweet moments, I miss the freedom within. This matureness made me isolated from some of my previous lives. Yeah, it’s true, and happened to every body in this world. Now please give me a little more seconds, I want to close my eyes, I want to feel my heart beating, I want to feel my lung pumping the oxygen into my blood, I want to feel how alive I am. Please, gimme alittle more seconds.


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