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Cheapest way to be happy

buaya bahagiaWell. Now lets talk about things we love to talk and we love to do. That’s fantastic since it helps us to stay health and normal. You got to recognize it, things you love are not only good to make you happy, but also to make you healthy. That’s it! Have you ever watched spongebob episode “sponge who can fly?” wahahaha, that is what I mean with do what you love!

Once my friend asked me what to do when suffered from desperation or things like that. He asked for some tips. And my answer was just simple, I advised him to do what he love so much to do, or try to find some activities which will keep him out from thinking of desperation he felt. That’s all what we all need.

To tell you the truth, activities I love so much to do is writing and speaking in a forum. Writing makes me fresh and realize that I can do more than what people think I can do. This is a gift. Not everybody have and I know that I must use it for something good, such as writing which is you are reading now. The second, I love speaking in front of public. It motivates me greatly. You know, what people need in this such crazy life is to know that they are able and mean something to this world. People tend to be desperate when they think they are nothing to anybody or to the life.

I ask you one question, what is you like most to do? Do it right after finishing this sentence.

Sunday, November 01, 2009



tahu sendiri kan, di sini kau akan menemukan rahasia ku, tapi tolong, setelah kau temukan, simpanlah dengan aman bersama dirimu. terima kasih

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