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kamalaysiaI wonder with this land, what is happening? This decay. Degeneration. Demoralization. Free sex. Illegal pregnancy. Why? What happen? What is the sin of their fathers? Is it which is happening is a curse? Why are they cursed? Who did this mistake? This false? This is mortal sin? How?
I saw the young generation hanging around like madman. Searching for nothing in an empty space. Why? What made them like that? Who taught them being that such crazy wanderers? That’s not true!
The only thing I really don’t understand is, why is this happening? The young people going steady and goddamn making love with their partners, their couples. They’re pregnant. Giving birth before the time should come. They’re still students yet. They’re so young. Pregnant with their boy friends. What the hell is it? Where are the teachers? Their Islamic scholar? They said they’re good Moslems, but what is happening to their children? Don’t they goddamn care them? Are they satisfied? Are they satisfied knowing how shattered their children? Are they proud knowing none of their daughters are virgin? Are they proud? Are they? Those Islamic scholars of that land? How can they close their eyes from their daughters who making love behind their houses? What the goddamn hell are they thinking about? Why? Why are they cursed this way?
I just can’t understand, don’t have any idea about this all. There are so many people here, the fathers, who join Islamic Sufism organization. They think that is great! They think it is enough! They think it has answered all of their problems. What the hell poison their mind? What? What? Their spiritual lecturers? What the hell is it? How can they pray to the god peacefully meanwhile their sons, their daughters, having sex anytime they want—and they do not marry yet! Even they’re still students! What is it? I can’t think of this. They’re mad.
One day, listen to me, one day, here in this land, the land which I call Kamalaysia, there will come a generation who all of them are (I don’t have the heart to say but I must), they are, BASTARDS. Listen to me, listen to me. Can you imagine can you? A generation who all the people are bastards? Can you? I’ll give you the sign, the very clear sign. Now, now here in Kamalaysia, there’s no marriage except the bride is pregnant in advance. Can they goddamn think of it? I can not.


tahu sendiri kan, di sini kau akan menemukan rahasia ku, tapi tolong, setelah kau temukan, simpanlah dengan aman bersama dirimu. terima kasih

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