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Have you ever heard about patronus? It is a weapon used by Cellicius when he fought with Emitracus in 600 B.C. Patronus s a kind of long sword made when the moon was full and shone brightly. And it is made of the purest iron substance in the world.
Since it is very powerful, patronus is only used when the owner meet the most dangerous enemy. Emitracus, who was untouchable by any weapons, was the strongest knight killed by using patronus. Years later, the sword of patronus was lost when big flood caught Isengard, the town where Cellicius lived.
Centuries later, a farmer in Aglentia found patronus accidentally at the bank of a river. When he tried to picked it up, he realized taht it was too heavy for him to lift. So he asked help from all of villagers. They tried very hard to lift it from the ground, but still they were completely failed.



tahu sendiri kan, di sini kau akan menemukan rahasia ku, tapi tolong, setelah kau temukan, simpanlah dengan aman bersama dirimu. terima kasih

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