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Studying literature deeply is a unique enjoyment which is uneasy to be explained, since the excitement is not in reading/listening it’s explanation, but in enjoying it-more often most of us enjoy the explanation but not less who do not get the excitement although has been many time explained. And, high above all, comparing two difference literary works is not only exciting but also challenging. Comparing two literary works mean comparing two difference lives, and then, we need to prepare to find hundred surprises while comparing them.

But, the task that I am doing now is-we can say-a bit different. We have to find one similarity between Othello, composed by William Shakespeare in previous century and The Glass Menagerie written by Tennessee William in 1944, they are-of course-very different in so many aspects and it won’t be an easy task the theme, the topic the setting, the background, the style of writing, and many other of theirs are different. But in other hand, as what has been written above, it is always exciting and challenging comparing two literary works, especially these very two special compositions.

In this page, I’d like to say thank you to Ahmad Habibi (visit him at for the free browsing, tjanks to Halii for being fantastic, Pukadin, Kampret, Icang, Riris the ripper, Cik InTurnie, Amar and Kanang, the two different twin, and all Aurora-my classmates. My lecturers, Harry Potter, and my mother. Especially, I say my great grateful to my Lord Allah SWT. In this life, what can I do without Your bless?

The last, I realize that this writing is not a complete and perfect one, so, we always wait for your critics and suggestion. I’ll be very happy with all your attention in all kind you can show.


Catur Amrullah


To find the similarity between Othello and The Glass Menagerie which originally are so much different is a truly difficult matter. We have to examine the two carefully, read each composition sentence by sentence, dialogue by dialogue, stage by stage until we found the essential different. It encourages a big patient and time.

Othello, which was a classic drama written by greatest English author, William Shakespeare, tells about the life of Othello, a good soldier with rising star in his career, loved and married with Desdemona, who was the daughter of an aristocrat in Venice. But, those all happiness in his life burnt away because of his uncontrolled jealousy. He killed and destroyed his private life and career. And then, dramatically, haunted by his mistake, he murdered himself, not long after killing Desdemona.

In other hand, The Glass Menagerie, which was originally produced in Chicago in 1944 and then staged in New York on Broadway in 1945. The text was also published in 1945. This play was the first of Williams’s to win the New York Drama Critics Circle Award, an honor he was given four times. Although The Glass Menagerie also received much popular acclaim, some critics believe that the thematic devices that Williams relies on, such as the legends on the screen, are too heavy-handed.

The Glass Menagerie is autobiographical in its sources. In some ways, this is a coming of age story, with both Tom Wingfield and Laura Wingfield negotiating their roles as young adults. Like many coming of age stories, the major conflicts in this play are both internal and external; Tom cannot choose both the future he desires for himself and the future his mother, Amanda Wingfield, desires for him and for Laura. Emerging through this major conflict between Tom and Amanda are the themes of alienation and loneliness, duty and responsibility, and appearances and reality.

By reading the two dramas carefully, we then will find a very genius similarity which is connected mysteriously. So, what is that similarity? It is, both Othello and The Glass Menagerie has the same theme, the feeling being haunted by the past which leads someone in doing something wrong. Ya, that’s their similarity.

In Othello, Othello, after murdering Desdemona, felt guilty and realized that he was wrong. He even couldn’t hold it any longer. He couldn’t live with desperation eating his soul. So, he committed to suicide. He believed it could eased his pain. But actually it was wrong, nothing became better by killing ourselves. So, Othello did wrong because of his unwanted past. The same happen in The Glass Menagerie in the character of Amanda Wingfield. She was very disappointed by the man she choosen to be her husband. Amanda did not want the same tragedy will happen to her son and daughter, so she tried to manage all the life of her children. And this, too protecting responsibility, of course lead them into an unharmonious life. Laura, Amnanda’s daughter, failed passing her typing class, and Tom, her son, wanted to run away from home because he could not any longer to stand with his mother.

So, that’s the similarity between Othello and The Glass Menagerie, which taught us with a very wise lesson, think a hundred times before doing something. This careful attitude will prevent or at least decrease the risk of doing an unwanted action. We must not follow our emotion or trauma in deciding something, because, commonly, it always gives a bad impact for us.



tahu sendiri kan, di sini kau akan menemukan rahasia ku, tapi tolong, setelah kau temukan, simpanlah dengan aman bersama dirimu. terima kasih


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