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(A Jeopardy Study of Psicologycal Conflict in Paulo Coelho’s THE DEVIL AND Miss PRYM)


1.1 Background of the Study
It is always a big question which torments peoples awareness on their essence, the terifying questions is: Are we in essence, good or evil? This become such a significant question since the impact is so deep to the understanding of human nature. Say, if originally human is bad, human is the instrument of evil, so everything is permitted, we never took wrong decision, all the crime and all that we consider as fault are not crime or fault. Since we are evil. And, what else we can do except badness? All we do has nothing to be warried for.
But, in other hand, if were good, so God is just and will forgife all human’s mistake. I mean, see, human originally is good, they will only do right thing. But, since human is weak, they do not hold the control of this word, of this life, but God does, so human will also do what they don’t want to do but God wants to. Human do not want to steal, but God puts them in a poor and bad condition which forces human to steal. It means, thats not the mistake of the human (since they’re good) but all is God’s plan. And for that, God will forgive us for all the bad things we do in this immortal world.
Whatever the answer, it is clear that from its very inception the human race has been condemned to exist within the eternal division. We’re always asking our selves in which part do we belong? In which side do we stand on? In which kind do we exist?
So, it is very important to peel this subject deeper since the result will enlight our humanithy value brighter than before. That’s why we took this subject, and our writing – of course – entitle: WHAT IS HUMAN IN ESSENCE? (Ajeopardy Study of Psicologycal Conflict in Paulo Coelho’s THE DEVIL AND Miss PRYM). We hope our work will be one of most valuable human’s beritage for next generation of mankind.
1.2 Statement of the Problem
1.2.1 What is human in essence, good or evil?
1.2.2 Is there the third probability for the answer, it is human is both good and evil?

2.1 Synopsis
There was a man – later we know that this guy is the devil himself – come to viscoss, a remote and left by the youth village. He come with a notebook and eleven gold bars. He burried the ten gold bars in a secret place inthe forest, but the eleventh was shown where it was burried to Miss Prym, the only young people in the village worked as waitress at the only hotel in her village, Viscocc.
His aim doing only one, he wanted to know wheter or not human – in essence – is good or evil. If in a week Miss Prym didn’t steal it, it means human is gold, or so in the tantrary. But it wasn’t the whole game. The ten gold bars were the part of game for the 281 intiabitants of Viscos. What was is?
If in a week, there’s one of the villagers was killed, the ten gold bars will belong to the rest Villagers. But if none was killed – or some say sacrified, the ten bars will gone away. That was it, the stranger wanted both of Miss Prym and the Villagers to commit a sin if they wanted to accept the gold. The problem was, all the inhabitants of Viscor – including Miss Prym, of course – were in badly need of money the reform and rebuild their almost vanished life. And Miss Prym’s role is to tall the game to the Villagers.
And started from that moment on, Miss Prym was terrorized by the presence of angel and demon in her soul. For there rights she was torment by her confusing wheter or not to relieve the stranger’s proposal and tell it to the Villagers. And finally, in the fourth night, when all men gathered in the bar for Friday Night rest, she told them the game the stranger was proposed. And the effect is, all people who lived in Viscos were haunted by the fear of being choosen as the victim of this game.
But finally, people who control this Village the hotel landlady, the mayor and his wife, the blacksmith and the landowner – decide who the victim was. That was she, the old Berta who had been lived alone since the death of her husband.
On the seventh day, they brought Berta to the Celts monolith far in the forest. A firing will be done to her by all men of Viscos. On that very terfying moment, Berta who was unconscious was tied on the monolith. All men were ready, pointing their guns to the back of old poor Berta who was actually the first who knew the presence of the devil in Viscos since she could communicate with her 40 years ago dead husband’s soul. On that moment, suddenly Miss Prym come forward to start her own plan to defead the stranger’s bloody game in seeking his mortal question.
Did she win the game?


3.1 So, Who Are We In Essence?
This very enchanting and amazing novel was actually bring three mainstream ideas, that are human in essence is good, evil, and combining of the two. Each point of view appears as people with its behavior. People with it’s complexity, we will not find, in this novel, character who is purely good or evil side, since it is not the purpose of this novel. No.
Character’s in this novel is very usual, just like human naturally. Some had committed a sin, and now were doing goodness, or so the opposite. Why? Because we live in both of good and evil side. The question is, which is our nature? To which side do we belong? Are we originally good or an accursed evil.
The priest, who was considering as a holy man, the servant of God, inn his very deep meditation reach this conclusion about the origin of human: “His role was to be the instrument of evil; that was the greatest act of humanity he could offer to God” (Page 151, Par.6).
“Why did God force job to behave in that way? To show that he was by nature bad …. We have committed the sin of pride in believing ourselves to be better than we are – and that is why we are suffering”. (The priest’s sermon, page 128, par.2)
Those quotations show that the priest believe in nature human is evil, because God wants it. Good wont be understood without the existence of evil, so God lead men to be bad. And by then, human will feel sorry, guilty and regret. That’s how God will give his Mercy. In spite of his belief, the priest was totally a good man. He served church for tens years. And he did he never broke the rule, except one, whe the stranger came to Viscos.
In other hand, Miss Prym, she’s a lonely young woman, unmarried, worked as a hotel waitress, she did many times slept with her costumers, tourists who visited Viscos only for several days, but she also had once slept with the mayor. She’s considered as bad girl, she sold her body. But, her point of view about the human essence was different with the priest’s.
“The inhabitants of Viscos were neither better nor worse than those of neighboring Villages, but there was no way they would be capable of committing a murder for money”. So, Miss Prym believe that naturally human is good and believes in valuable more rules which won’t be broken.
So that’s the same thing which occurred to every one, both good and evil exist in their soul, including the stranger, the devil who brought that deadly game to the peace Village of Viscos. The stranger was a good father and responsible husband, but he worked for an armaments factory the kind of job which ‘kills’ many people. So, every body was tormented by the contradiction within. And this which led him, the stranger, to maintain hard work to find the origin of human essence.
And here it is, the amazing hand of Coelho. Since it is useless to divide human into the kind of purely bad or purely evil, Coelho didn’t concluded his novel by giving the answer which human belonged to one of them, but human as a ‘place’ in which those two existed inside but do not trapped. Because, between good or evil, it was all a matter of control, and choice, nothing more nothing less. Everybody will be persuaded by the evil inside to commit a sin, but of course he can’t reject it if he could only want to control himself. And also good will invite human to join with, but it’s all a matter of choice, whether or not human want to those.
3.2 Conclusion
So, we’re delighted now about this crucial matter. Whatever we do, not matter how hard we try to separate our self from evil, we will never be success, since evil is existed in our selves. In contrary, no matter how evil is someone, there must be something good still exist in his very soul, that’s it, we can’t deny it.
Because being good or evil, is all a matter of control and choice. We, human, supposed to be able to control all evil within and struggle to choose the good choice for him. And that’s why in here after we will responsible to the God Almighty all the things we’ve done in the world.



tahu sendiri kan, di sini kau akan menemukan rahasia ku, tapi tolong, setelah kau temukan, simpanlah dengan aman bersama dirimu. terima kasih

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