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NGIBUL UNIVERSITY HEALTH REPORT: Consuming Onion Causes Depression Prof. Gedabrus

Onion is a very famous and familiar ingredient in every cooking culture, as commented by an Indonesian well known chef, chef Blongor, “Can we separate onion from our cooking tradition? My God! No cook without onion. What do you think He created it for?” Yes, onion is inseparable from our life. And if we read history of Jo Ngandel province, we knew in 1818 there was a revolution called onion revoluiton. The people of Jo Ngandel province protested and eliminated their previous government since they didn’t get enough onion to complete their meal.
Prof. Ra Becus, a nutritious expert and also a researcher in Ngibul University, found that consuming onion is not a hundred percent good and safe for our health. In other words, onion can cause health problem to us, commonly hard depression. It is including all kind of onion which are dangerous. Such as, the red and white onion, mostly grow in tropical area, the stone onion, mostly found in sandy and/or rocky land, and-the most dangerous-the unexpected onion: bawang mateni, the killing onion. The last mentioned is a deadly poisonous onion. It grows only in Buju’an Island.
The red and white are very familiar for housewives and chefs. They put them in almost all of their cooks. Especially in cold area, people won’t eat meal except there’s onion in it. This explain why day by day Western people easily suffered from depression, range from the very young age to the elder ones. No matter how hard they try to cure theirselves as long as they do not quit consuming onion, they wont be healed. The very best cure for a disease is staying away from the disease it self.
However, the stone onion doesn’t cause any depression but a bad bad bad heavy unconsciousness. It can last for more than 24 hours, even for certain people, it can last for a week. If those do not get first aid immediately, they will die second by second. What about the killing onion? Nothing i can say about this one but if you’re surely desperate, very eager to commit suicide, i have this advice for you: eat this-fortunately-extinct deadly onion. The last found was 1919 by the guoblok guerilla. All the 313 men died. People believe those dumb troops consumed the killing onion, which looks no different with gadung.
Actually, experts and doctors have tried very hard persuading governments to ban trading and using onion in any kind of food, or at least to make a warning campaign about it (just like to cigarettes and alcohol and drugs). But, all efforts are useless. Government denied all those proposal. It can destroy industrial and economical sector, government argued.

This also explains why vampires are very allergy and afraid of onion. It is not because onion has a magical power something, but because onion is a deadly plant.
Well, will you continue consuming onion, readers?



tahu sendiri kan, di sini kau akan menemukan rahasia ku, tapi tolong, setelah kau temukan, simpanlah dengan aman bersama dirimu. terima kasih

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